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Speech Therapists evaluate and treat problems with speech, language, memory and swallowing resulting from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, neurological impairments, voice disorders, diseases and/or developmental disorders. We can help you overcome communication problems and feel like yourself again.

Goals of Speech Therapy

Speech therapists treat patients for cognition, memory, articulation, and dysphagia (swallowing) to decrease obstacles that limit their communication and independence in their daily lives.

Children are welcome to the Outpatient Rehab Center of Fulton. We are one of the only rehabilitation facilities in the area that offers speech, language and swallowing therapy to children and adolescents.

We treat children!

Our speech therapists are members of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, a national group that certifies professionals in the areas of speech and language therapy and audiology. They are also certified in the use of Vital Stim for swallowing disorders.

ASHA ASHA Membership/Vital Stim Certification

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